Advertising & Promotion

Media convergence requires more than just a 360 degrees approach: you need 360 degrees people to make it work. Our campaigns sell not because of the size of the media budget but thanks to the power of the creative idea.

We offer a complete and integrated range of skills in creation and execution of campaigns: first-class creative campaigns built on best-of-breed practices in cross-marketing; launches; Buzz promotion; Guerilla marketing…

Army Of Frogs lives in the 21st Century. Audiences are no longer passive targets but active transmitters of brand messages and values: the best sales force. We respect them as if they were our friends and colleagues.

New Media

The web is the first media in which everyone is an author, publisher, and critic. This, not the technology, is the real game-changer for marketers.

The speed of evolution of new uses for new media translates directly into a performance gap between early and late adopters.

Army Of Frogs creates value by putting creative directors and IT consultants under the same roof with a joint mission of growing brands to plan, create, and deliver results in Interactive advertisement, Social media, Customer journey and Loyalty programs.